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Business - Whatever your business needs, this is the page for you. Whether you need insurance, finance or even a new ink cartridge for your printer, you will find what you need here. The aim of this category is to help your business grow and prosper.

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Your business needs insuring, if it's your livelihood you should protect it. Fortunately, there are companies who will protect your assets.

More Than Business Insurance

Decision Finance Business Insurance

Swinton Business Insurance

"Business Insurance is a package of insurance covers offered to small to medium businesses by insurance companies. It would normally include all or some of the following covers: Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Contents Insurance, Tools Cover, Contract Works, Personal Accident, Business Travel, Money and Assault.

By packaging all the covers together into one product the insurer makes it easier to sort out all your insurance needs in one."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)


Does your business have an unlimited budget or could you do with a hand? From time to time it is essential to borrow, in order to grow. See if the companies below can help:

Frontier Finance

Absolute Solutions - A S Loans

Decision Finance Commercial Finance

Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

"Factoring / Invoice Discounting are cash payments advanced by a lender (finance company/bank) against a company’s outstanding invoices. In Factoring, the lender or Factor provides a sales ledger management and debt collection service in addition to the cash advance. In Invoice Discounting they just offer the cash advance

All forms of leasing are basically rental agreements giving you (the lessee) the right to use an asset owned by the lessor (finance company) for a specific period of time in return for regular payments (rental payments). A company will often use Asset finance/leasing to avoid the large one off cost of purchasing an asset."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)


When you need to get something from A to B, don't send one of the workforce hire a courier. They are employed to get your item to its destination, more often than not as quick as they can. There's no point sending Mrs Tibbs and having her take four hours to deliver something just round the corner!

DHL Express UK

Nicks Removal company Manchester removals - Man and van service (Gone?)
UK Removal company based in Manchester also Man and Van service to Spain regular runs to London Scotland and Spain.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We've said it before and we'll say it again only a fool drives without insurance. Infact, when you're driving a commercial vehicle this is equally important, if not more so. Whether your van is white, red or any other colour get it covered.

Tradex Taxi Insurance

Tradex Chauffeur Insurance

Tradex Courier Insurance

Tradex Specialist Risk Insurance

Tradex Homefleet Insurance

Tradex Motor Trade Insurance

Norwich Union Van Insurance

Swinton Van Insurance

More Than Van Insurance

AA Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Yes Van Insurance

Decision Finance Van Insurance

RAC Van Insurance

churchill Van Insurance

Decision Finance Van Insurance

"In the UK you must by law have a minimum amount of cover in order to drive on the road with your van. You must insure third parties for accidental death or injury arising from use of the vehicle. This is known as third party insurance and will only cover your vehicle for third party damage and not if the van is stolen or is maliciously or accidentally damaged."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)

Energy Switches

One of the quickest ways to save your business some money, is to swap energy suppliers. Too many people have become complacement about their energy suppliers, rather than shopping about for the best deal. You shop for other items to get the best price, it's about time you did the same for your bills!

uSwitch Gas and Electricity Switch

Telephone Switches

The cost of calls can be crippling for a business. Make sure that you get the right deal and package to suit your business. Calculate the time when you most frequently use the telephone and find the deal deal that is on offer!

uSwitch Telephone Switch

Broadband Switches

An internet connection is the lifeblood of any modern business. You need one that is fast and reliable. This will ensure that you and your staff remain connected and not distracted by your machine's free games software!

uSwitch Broadband Switch


In some cases you may need to borrow a small amount due to unexpected circumstances. You may need to buy a new PC, for example. Therefore, a loan may be the best option. However, in business it is not always easy to get a business loan, fortunately some companies specialise in providing this service:

Decision Finance Business Loans

Buy To Let Mortgages

Investing in property can be lucrative. However, sometimes you need a little help to start you off on the ladder. If you haven't got endless pots of cash, see if you can gets some financial assistance below:

Decision Finance Buy To Let Mortgages

Asset Finance

Decision Finance Asset Finance

"Asset Finance allows you to acquire an asset for your business without having to pay for it all upfront. Paying cash for an asset can be a significant drain on your working capital. Leasing the asset, however, gives you access to the asset without paying for it all at once. You can lease almost anything, from equipment valued at a few thousand pounds to assets worth millions. Leasing contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your needs."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)

Credit Cards

A flexible friend is not an essential requirement for a business. Moreover, we do not necessarily need credit cards at all. If you do require one, some of the well known household names will supply a card for your business.

Barclaycard Business Credit Card

MBNA Business Credit Card

Decision Finance Business Credit Card

Business Mortgages

Decision Finance Business Mortgages

"A Commercial Mortgage is a loan made out to a business, usually for the purpose of purchasing land or buildings to house the business. The lender will take a legal claim (security) over the acquisition until the loan has been fully repaid.

A Buy-To-Let Mortgage is a loan made out to an individual, where the explicit intention is for the property to be rented out. It is usual for the rent gained from the tenants to make the repayments on the mortgage."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)


Try as you might there's no escaping the fact that to stay ahead you need a computer for your business. The keyboard has replaced the typewriter in many offices. The reason for this is the flexibility and speed that can be gained by buying a good desktop. For business on the move, a laptop is a common sight. Below are a few of the larger players in this highly competitive market:





Apple Store

For a more comprehensive selection please visit our Computer Shop.

Employers' and Public Liability Insurance

Get yourself and your employees covered. If someone decides to sue you could lose your business. By paying a small amount you ensure your own and your family's future. Don't be cheap, get liability cover.

More Than Public Liability Insurance

Decision Finance Tradesman Insurance

Office Supplies

Office Stationery

Computer Consumables

Printer Inks

Landlord Insurance

Any old home insurance will not do for a property you intend to rent. This has to looked into very carefully. Property is only an investment if it's properly covered! Protect your investment.

Decision Finance Landlord Insurance

"As a landlord, you are effectively using your property as an extra source of income – and this needs to be protected. A normal home insurance policy is not valid when you are taking an income from the property. A residential landlord policy is what is required."(Text provided by Decision Finance.)

Business Services

TidyEcommerce specialise in the creation of custom ecommerce websites. From the stages of design all the way to promoting your website through natural search results.

Web Designers Edinburgh - DMC Web Services- Quality Web Design, Web Marketing, Domain, Hosting and E-Commerce Services, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cleo's Cat designs
"About Cleo's Cat designs - More and more people are taking direct control of their lifestyles and incomes by moving beyond 9 to 5 dead-end jobs. We are proud to be a part of that movement. A registered company and established since 2005. Because we are a small company, we understand very clearly the thrills and the stresses of running a business. We are also proud to say that we can give a personal touch that no other can afford to do so. Once we have created the designs - we actually care about how you get on. For example, we will encourage you to network with our client base. Also visits are made to your premises whether they are your high street shop in London city or the office in your home. Our clients appreciate this ease, and we find it helps us to understand our clients needs more."

Now we've saved you and your business some time and hopefully some money, relax and take a short break looking around this site. Treat yourself!