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Carr and Westley

Welcome to the Carr and Westley online shopping catalogue web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

Carr and Westley:

"Carr & Westley has been designing and making classic clothing for women since 1919.

Based in the Kentish countryside, we supply a range of own-brand and classic label tops, skirts, trousers and dresses that encapsulate the perfect blend of classic and modern style.

Carr & Westley specialise in fresh, elegant and coordinated fashion essentials for the mature female market. Own brand products designed and made in Britain presented with selected premium ladies wear labels.

Fresh, elegant and coordinated fashion for mature women (65+ years).

Carr & Westley specialise in the clothing needs of the mature female market. We supply easy-fit designs in popular and hard-to-get sizes - without compromising on style.

As well as own brand products designed and made in Britain, we also supply popular market brand labels like Poppy, Brandtex and Slenderella."

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